Sunday, 17 November 2013

Amir's Quest for a Guilt Free Mind

Even though Amir didn't tell anybody that he witnessed the rape, Rahim Khan still knew. This is shown when he calls Amir in California and asks him to "come. There is a way to be good again" (202). Following this phone call, Amir goes to Rahim's house and while he's there, Rahim tells him everything about Hassan and his family. He informs Amir that Hassan and his wife have died and thier only son Sohrab, is living in an orphanage. Rahim wants Amir to get Sohrab and deliver him to an orphanage in Islamabad. In addition to finding out where Hassan was, Amir finds out the biggest secret of his life; Hassan and himself are half brothers. Baba had kept this secret his entire life which was ironic because Baba himself, had told Amir that theft is the unforgivable sin. After giving it thought, Amir decides to find Sohrab and bring him to the safer orphanage because he believes that it will help him cope with his guilty mind. After he finds Sohrab, he takes him back to America, and introduces him to kite running. He wants to become guilt free, so he gives a lot of his time to Sohrab. I think Amir is on the right track to be forgiven. It will take more time to get to know Sohrab, but I am sure that Amir will have a guilt free mind very soon.

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  1. Thorough summary of Amir's path to redemption. Why do you say that Amir will be guilt-free very soon? What evidence do you have?

    What are your thoughts about the only sin being theft?