Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mystery Skype

The Mystery Skype was an interesting activity. Something new that I learned from the Skype was that the education provided for the Native students in their opinion is excellent. I wasn't sure about the quality of their education because the stereotypes about Natives suggest that they do not have great education and most of them are drop outs. Also, when they were asked about how they felt about the 8th Fire documentary, they said that it made them feel sad. I learned that the stereotypes of Natives are not all true from the students on the reserves.

The thing which I really enjoyed was trying to figure out where the other class was from. I liked this because it was fun narrowing down a specific part of the world and try to guess what school they went to and what reserve they lived on. Another thing that I liked form the Mystery Skype was the fact that we won because we guessed their school before they were able to find out the name of ours.

I felt like everything went fairly well during the class. It is a good experience to talk to people who are actually experiencing the stereotypes that we learned about in class. It's one thing to see stereotypes happening in movies and it's another thing to see it in real life. This is a great exercise and I think it should be continued.

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  1. I'm glad that the experience highlighted for you the fact that the stereotypes aren't true.